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Visual Content

Creativity is at the heart of PILAA. Visual campaigns within your organisation, or online environment are a powerful communication tool to reinforce your commitment

Our founders, researchers and artists exhibit nationally and internationally to award-winning, critical aclaim. Visual campaigns, big or small, go far beyond a typical advertising campaign. Your aims are researched and woven seamlessly across a range of mediums, by a meticulously curated network of artists, designers, film-makers and performers.

From social media content creation, to an international artist working on your EDI campaign, our work is inspiring, focussed and effective.

Our PILAA Friends Membership delivers new creative images for you to utilise on a monthly basis. 

Visual Content Creation - PLEASE UPDATE ME

- Comissioned Artwork
- Artist Collaborations
- Film & Video
- Live Performances
- Advertising Campaigns
- Design for print
- Social Media Campaigns
- Event and Building Branding
- Plus more

PILAA Friends Membership.
Harness your organisations strength through ongoing training, education and creativity

Gain access to a wealth of material, ongoing support, up to date expert lead thinking and discounted rates on many of our services by becoming a PILAA Friend. We empower you to strengthen your organisation with authentic change in your equality, diversity and inclusion agendas.
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