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EDI Away Days
& Team Building

Energise your team in inspiring, curated spaces, from film, photography and theatre studios to boutique hotel suites

Addressing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion themes can be hard work. It can often be emotionally intensive, laborious and difficult at times, however one of our core values places ‘Fun’ in everything that we do.

What better way to learn, heal and bring your team together, than booking one of our ‘Team Building Diversity Away Days’.

Forget your roles and what you do, let loose of the power hierarchies in the office space and come away with us in friendly, neutral environment.

Here we’ve partnered up with some interesting spaces, including film and photography studios and luxury hotel suites, where you can learn about EDI in a fun and energetic way, whilst fundamentally bringing your team closer together!

PILAA Friends Membership.
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Gain access to a wealth of material, ongoing support, up to date expert lead thinking and discounted rates on many of our services by becoming a PILAA Friend. We empower you to strengthen your organisation with authentic change in your equality, diversity and inclusion agendas.
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