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Equality, Diversity
& Inclusion Training

We are honest and accountabe to ourselves and the valued individuals, and organisations, who we work with

Below are a number of testimonials from clients past and present. We are happy to put you in touch with our clients directly should you wish to discuss our services, or ask questions about their own experiences on their journey to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within their organisations.


In 24 years at Tate this has been the most rewarding and enjoyable 'training' experience that I have had. The sessions have been so thought-provoking and have somehow managed to combine both the philosophical and extremely practical. I don't quite know how you've done it! I think that for me it has been the strength and uniqueness of those who have delivered the training, led by you and your colleague. You have been amazing, not just in your knowledge, but in making it so genuine and honest, and not remotely generic 'leadership-training-speak' if you know what I mean, which training so often is, even at an in-depth level.”
Collection Care Manager, Tate
Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the incredible workshop yesterday – it was great to have such open and honest discussions around race. I have never felt as comfortable to speak so openly. It also just kick-started a very heated debate in my office about Rachel Dolezal (I’m sticking to my opinion that she should not have taken up the space that was for an African American leader since she – even unconsciously – moved through many years of her life as a white person with privilege!)
I’ve been telling everyone (especially my line managers) to sign up for this fantastic course. Thanks again for being so awesome.
Media Communications Manager, Tate
I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes and musings yesterday, two highly intelligent people relating experience to theory and practical outcomes. I thought how much I might enjoy a pub conversation with you both… I try not to share the pub with people who don’t stimulate and who aren’t likeable.
Senior Staff Member, Business Disability Forum
I just wanted to drop you both a note to thank you for another energising session yesterday. It was everything I love to have in great training: thought provoking, challenging, reflective, and fun, and including both theory and insights from your personal experiences. It was really good to hear the team talking and giving their thoughts, and I was touched to hear voices from some colleagues who rarely put themselves forward to speak in full team meetings, too.
Staff Member, Business Disability Forum
The EDI training has had such an effect on me. It opened my eyes to different approaches and ways of thinking when dealing with people and situations.
Security Officer, Wilson James
We all enjoyed the training, and learned a lot from the session. We were amazed by video clips and the facts you used - “I wasn’t the only one in the room!” - I admired your effort!
Receptionist, Wilson James

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