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Continuing Professional

Embracing true Equality, Diversity and Inclusion both as an individual and an organisation is a journey, not a certificate.

PILAA is a member of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. We value that learning is an ongoing process, which is always in flux.

We offer accredited CPD courses on a range of EDI topics, as webinars or in-house training. Formal PILAA certification, with allocated CPD points, can be used in unison with any other CPD regulated course.

A range of our courses are CPD accredited, or you can collaborate with us to produce your own bespoke CPD course.

PILAA Friends Membership.
Harness your organisations strength through ongoing training, education and creativity

Gain access to a wealth of material, ongoing support, up to date expert lead thinking and discounted rates on many of our services by becoming a PILAA Friend. We empower you to strengthen your organisation with authentic change in your equality, diversity and inclusion agendas.
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