PILAA designs new artwork for DOJ Gaminz at Lagos Comic Con 2022

Last month PILAA attended the 10th Lagos Comic Convention in Nigeria, having been commissioned by our clients DOJ Gaminz to design the artwork for their exhibition space, as the proud sponsors of the VVIP Lounge. 


Since working with DOJ Gaminz to deliver EDI training, we have learnt more about this company and what it stands for. For Lagos Comicon and leading up to it, they put on a range of activities, which reflect their values in developing the local within the global. They held a creative arts competition where they gave the opportunity for a lucky winner to design an avatar that would represent them and would then be showcased at Lagos ComiCon. Similarly, they carried out another creative arts competition that would see a lucky winner make a jingle to represent their brand, which was to be equally showcased at the festival. 

We knew that they take a holistic approach within the e-gaming landscape, which was reflected in their brief question, “what makes the perfect gamer?” We responded to their question, by telling the stories of Naay Akinade and Peter Olatunji, two young people who recalled their experiences with gaming. We then created two 50 second video ads to reflect both stories and print work for their exhibition space, utilising their brand tagline “amplify your experience.” 

Naay Akinade’s story

Peter Olatunji’s story

We look forward to continuing our work with DOJ Gaminz on their journey with EDI in the Esports landscape.